Savvy Tip July 2014

Continuing on the theme of last months savvy tip about backing, another great exercise is the back and over manoeuvre.  This cannot be practised enough at any level.

The aim is to move your horses front end through 90 degrees whilst maintaing a back up.  It really increases lightness of the forehand and prepares your horse for sideways without a fence and also for the supporting rein later on.

Stand next to your horses shoulder with your belly button facing straight ahead.  Walk backwards and ask him to come with you.  Then turn to face him and use your carrot stick to ask the front end to move over a step or two.  Bounce the rope to prevent your horse from taking a step forward.  Reward and repeat.  Gradually you can ask the forehand to move over through 90 degrees.

Make sure your belly button is facing the correct way throughout the manoeuvre and keep your focus!  Have fun!