Savvy Tip August 2014

The Supporting Rein –  building on last months savvy tip of the back and over manoeuvre.  

A really useful tool in Level 3 to help support the direct rein and “push” the shoulder and front leg.  Helps your horse build positive reflexes to your leg and direct rein in turns, spins and lateral manoeuvres.

Take a direct rein to lead your horses forehand over and use the supporting rein against the neck to help push zone 2.  If your horse has opposition reflex or does not lighten and speed up, then take two reins in one hand and use your carrot stick to support the rein.  Your carrot stick riding should have prepared you and your horse for the concept of the supporting rein.  It should be like a carrot stick, ie a straight line from your elbow to your hoses mouth and should not be sloppy – but supporting.

The supporting rein should not cross the wither or it will accidentally act like an indirect rein on the other side and have a counterproductive effect!

Don’t forget to use your outside leg first and to reward your horse when he makes a try.  Repeat several times until your horse responds just from your leg and your reins can
remain still.