Savvy Tip Sept 2015

Worming Preparation!

Now that we use intelligent worming programmes, we don’t paste worm our horses as regularly as we used to.  Obviously this is a good thing, but also means that longer periods of time elapse before we rock up to the stables and wonder why our horses have a
negative opinion when we try to shove a syringe in their mouths saying ” but you used to be ok with this”!!!

If your horse is difficult to worm, it’s probably because of the negative memory of the wormer or a friendly game issue in zone 1, his mouth.

Take time to get him confident with things in his mouth, rub his gums gently, massage his lips, anything to get him more trusting and release when he is quiet in his mouth.

It’s a good idea to continually prepare your horse and it really only takes a few minutes if done frequently.  Keep an old wormer syringe handy and washed out.  I like to use apple sauce, the kind that is smooth with no bits (usually these types are the cheaper versions anyway!), but use anything that your horse prefers.

Feel and timing is crucial so your horse doesn’t feel anxious or criticised.  Give him time to sniff the syringe and use a lot of retreat.

My horses try to grab the syringe out of my hand as I walk past them with it – and once  a year or so the “apple sauce” tastes a bit weird, but they can handle that!