A great way to test your progress and savvy, whilst keeping it fun!
Send me your ideas for creative “can you” challenges preferably with a photo or You Tube link and I’ll post them here.
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Any level or savvy………

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From Ingrid and Aidin, Jevnaker, Norway;



Can you… get your horse to pick up a cone, then come sideways towards you over a cone still carrying his cone?
Savvy: on line
Game: Friendly game and sideways game
Level: 3+



From Thale and her pony Myrtle from Norway;

Can you… ask your horse to maintain 2 laps in canter whilst you are sitting down?
Savvy: on line
Game: 5, Circling game
Level: 2/3
(this pony used to have trouble maintaining gait – great job Thale!)

Here’s one from Hege and her pony Vilde from Norway;

Can you… take your horse on a trail ride (or around the fields), using zone 5 driving.
Savvy: on line
Game: 5 – Driving game
Level: 3
Advanced L4: Try zone 5 driving at liberty.


Here’s one from William, my son;

IMG_0783parelli kids sussex natural horsemanship
Can you… walk up to your horse or pony in the field and stroke him all over whilst he stands still calmly.
Game: 1-Friendly Game – tests relationship
Level: 1
Savvy: Liberty



From Marianne in Norway;

Can you…ask your horse to lie down and play extreme friendly game.
Savvy: On line/Liberty
Game: 1, Friendly game
Level: 5
A huge sign of trust and relationship. (Please do not try to teach your horse to lie down until you are level 4/5 in the Parelli programme).


Here’s one from Linda, W.Sussex –

IMG_0588Trec parelli instructor sussex surrey kent Terri martinus natural horsemanship


Can you…cover your horse in a tarp
whilst your horse remains relaxed and confident.
Game:1- Friendly game-tests confidence
Level: 3/4
Savvy: On line
Try it at liberty.


From Liz in Hurstpierpoint, W.Sussex

parelli instructor terri martinus sussex surrey kent

Can you….play friendly game with a ball in all zones
including under zone 3 (belly).

Game: 1 – friendly game – tests confidence.
Level: 3
Savvy: On line
Try it at liberty and freestyle riding.



From Barry and Maria

Can you… pair up with a friend and playing a carousel circling game!
Game: 5 Circling game
Level: 2+/3
Savvy: On line
Helps humans with feel, timing, balance, tool savvy and it’s FUN! 


From Jacqui, Hampshire

parelli terri martinus sussex surrey kent
Can You… Ask you horse to stand with all four feet on a tree stump / pedestal with a diameter no bigger than 18”.
Game: 1 – friendly game 
Level: 4
Savvy: On line
Try it at liberty and freestyle too 🙂


From Lizzie , Hursptierpoint, W.Sussex 

terri martinus parelli instructor sussex surrey kent confidence trust
Can You…hang out with your horse whilst they are lying down. Try stroking them, playing friendly game with your carrot stick and string, just hang out.
Game: 1 – friendly game – test of mutual trust
Level: L2+
Savvy: Liberty.


From Kate and Bracken

Can you….

Draw your horse at liberty and over an obstacle towards you (even with other horses running in the field, wind and rain!).
Game: 1 and 4 – friendly and yo you. Tests draw.
Level: L3
Savvy: Liberty

Can you…with Bracken 2013 from stormybracken on Vimeo.


Here’s one from me!!

barrel pattern parelli sussex

Can you….. ride a barrel pattern (Pat Parelli’s version which is doubled with a start/finish box in the middle.Use 6 cones/barrels.
Savvy: Freestyle (try not to use your reins).
Level: any level – try walk (L1), trot (L2) and canter with simple changes (L3) around barrels or flying changes (L4).
Stop in the box at the end, drop your reins and count to 7.
Helps with responsibilities and impulsion.
Tip – get a good circling game around the barrel and good point to point game with barrel as the comfort spot before doing the whole pattern.



Here are a few from Lisa, Surrey

parelli sussex surrey kent terri martinus horse jumpingCan you…play circling game and your horse seeks a single upright barrel to jump whilst you stay in neutral.
Game: 5 circling game – tests the horses responsibility to maintain gait, maintain direction and look where he’s going

– and element of game 7 – squeeze game.
Level: 4
Savvy: On line

Lisa_Jack feet on pole
Can you…get your horse to straddle a pole and balance two front feet on it.

Pattern: Touch it
Level: 4
Savvy: On line or liberty for extra points!



parelli porcupine game terri martinus instructor sussex


Can you… Lead your horse by the leg around a figure 8 pattern.
Game: 2 – porcupine game (steady pressure).
Level: 2/3
Tip – make sure your horse is following a feel from the rope and not just following you! Remember it’s not about pulling on your horse, use feel and timing to teach your horse to yield to pressure and follow the feel.

From Barry and Marko, Surrey

Can you….play jump rope with your horse remaining still and calm.
Game: 1 – friendly game. Tests confidence and understanding – tests humans ability to have neutral “friendly” game energy and not “drive” horse.
Level: 3+
Savvy: on line

From Josette and True, Surrey

Can you…jump barrels bridle less
Game: 7 – squeeze game. 
Level: 4
Savvy: Freestyle riding


barrel jump
Can you…jump your horse over barrels at liberty
Game: 7 – Squeeze game
Level: 4
Savvy: liberty



From Pumpkin…
Parelli sussex natural horsemanship Terri Martinus parelli instructor

Can you… get your horse to place one foot in a hoola hoop in turn from 12 feet away.

Game: 1 and 3 – friendly and driving game.
Level: 2
Savvy: On line

Try from 22′ and 45′ away. Try at liberty.



Here’s one from Nikki

Can you…put your horses rug on without moving around him?
Savvy: Liberty
Game: Friendly and driving game

A great test of relationship and partnership! 

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